What is your Resume & Interview IQ?

True or false

  • The resume is solely a list of all previous work duties in reverse chronology over time?
  • The purpose of the interview is to describe why you qualify for the job?
  • When the interviewer asks to talk about yourself it is ok to reveal personal information about yourself, your family, and your friends?
  • You can tell an interviewer that they are asking an illegal question and still get the job?
  • That skills, experience, education, and background are the primary criteria for being hired?
  • Walking into an interview with unrehearsed answers is more desirable to hiring managers?
  • If a recruiter calls excitedly about your fit for a position, he or she actually have a job available?
  • A call on your resume does not mean you are already qualified for the job?
  • You should pick of the phone when an unidentified caller calls you during your job search?

If you answered true to any of these you may need to raise your Resume & Interview IQ to get hired.

Contact a Career IQ expert today to find out

  • Why are you are not being called on your resume
  • Why you are not being hired.
  • What you can do about it.